6 Years Ago & “The House Of Romance”

“House of Romance” ` by…3DSLFX


About 6 yrs ago I purchased this fabulous house and it has been
and always will be my favorite house. When I purchased it the prim
count was very low for that time and for the present time as well.
The thing is that with the low prim count it was fully furnished .
I did get the furnished one you can get it unfurnished. Through out the years
I had lost the furniture because I would pick up the house and everything
and erase it or loose it. I once asked the Designer to please sell me
the furniture but she was kind enough to send me the box. Then again
lol me and my absent mind lost the furniture again but this time I was
really embarrassed to ask so I looked in the MP and found it and purchased
it again without thinking about it. The downstairs furniture is from the build.
I did not put all the furniture out just some . The bedroom upstairs is not from
the build and because this is about the House of Romance I will only speak about it.


I am blogging it because it is such a beautiful build. I have since having
this house never been accustomed to having a small space, I got spoiled
with the ample space I have in it. So when I looked for places I was never
satisfied because of that . I tend to purchased builds so that I can do
all my blog photos in my own land so not to deal with lag and people
getting in the way. I hope you like the blog and the house. I am posting
the link for the MP . I want to than Minx for such an awesome job and
for your kindness in giving me that box of furniture when I needed it.

Thank you




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