“THE MESSIAH” ..by..Shi….

THE MESSIAH ..by..Shi….


I have been a fan of Shi from when it first started in sl I was in love with their
textures and the lovely clothes they made. Shi has always been one of my favorite
Designers. To wear Shi at that time you had to have so much patience which I
didn’t have . But today with the Mesh out its so much easier and wow The Messiah
and everything I have on is just so beautifully made. The textures everything about it
is so awesome. I love it so much that I even wore some of the Him.
To make it stand out more I went to “Tempura Island” which is one of the most
beautiful Sims on Second Life. So today I spent the day with Shi and here is the
outcome. Hope you like it as much as I have.



.Shi : Messiah : Qavah / Unisex/
.Shi : TheMessiah : L’chaim Vest/ V2 Black/Signature
.Shi : Bag add-on V1 HER
.Shi : Quixotic Hair w/ Hud
.Shi : [Femme] : Outre
.Shi : Allettare Black
.Shi : Refuge V2 / Maitreya
Messiah : Maschill Ring 1-2-3
LAQ Trinity..Mesh Head
LAQ ~ Katei Head Applier
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Model, Stylist & Photographer..WillowWho Flowers

Tempura Island”

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