** NAUGHTY BEACH**….Something New & Exciting…”Members Only Adult Beach”

“Of course, you’d warm up faster if you took your clothes off.”

~Stephanie Meyer~ , Eclipse



I had the opportunity to visit “Naughty Beach” while the owners
Extreme Dezno & Ella were in the process of finishing their last touches to the sim.
They took some time and gave a little tour. It really is amazing. I even had a roller-coaster ride… Lots of fun.

If I keep telling more Ill give it all away. You have to want to join
and see this Sim. Something that has been needed in Sl. I am very
happy about this idea. Well I think I have said enough, now it’s up
to you to want to go see and join also chosen.



Owners…Extreme Dezno & Ella


A… “MEMBERS ONLY” sim for respectful people.
If you want to take both your clothes and your inhibitions off or you fancy a one-of-a-kind sensual interaction and seek freedom from conventional restraints, then Naughty Beach is the place for you too play! Set in the most gorgeous design, this adults-only beach offers everything you need for a really sensuous, clothing-optional and adventurous lifestyle experience.

naughty 78

The amusement park adjacent to the beach offers the members to find their silly and carefree side with a Ferris wheel and roller coaster. Beautiful private areas for your one on one time.

naughty  beach

Really Awesome Apartments!  Top of the line….

Naughty Beach also offers semi furnished Rentals high above the sim for 500L’s a week with 50 prims available for your use.


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