This Gown is the most beautiful work I have seen from CW. I wore it last 
night to prepare for this blog. A couple of friends invited me to separate 
places and I accepted which I normally do not.; and to my surprise the attention
that I received on the Gown was really enormous. From women to men complimented the gown. I met this awesome gentleman wow he is a singer on
Sl, at first I thought it was a woman because of the name and I really never got 
to see who was talking to me. He invited me to a different place but before that he commented on the details of the gown, from the roses on the chest to the jewels and ring in shape of the rose. I was quit taken. When we got to the 
place I realized it was a man and not a woman talking to me. He really wowed me, how he noticed every detail on this spectacular gown. I took some photos with him, which I normally do not do, but he is such a gentleman and he loved the gown so why not .

Thank you “Satyriasis Sheriff” for your kindness and patience while looking for the perfect place to take the photo. Thank you Sofia Corleone for your beautiful work and for this awesome beautiful breath taking gown which received many reviews last night while I danced in both parties. Amazing I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am. This is truly a work of art and I am so grateful to be able to show it to all of you. 

(CW) Locuala Inspiracion Gown..by Celestinas Weddings ..Sofia Corleone 

Jewels..Earrings, Necklace and Rose ring ..by CW
Bracelet..Pearl Rain /Cream…by ..MANDALA
Slink Mesh Hand.. Elegant 1
Hair…Moondance..by Vanity

Poses by.. IsoMotion

Model & Photography by.. WillowWho Flowers


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